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Business Improvements can also provide training to complement your coaching programmes. Our training is through:

Tailored Training Programmes

Most well-established clients that receive coaching from us know their training and development requirements. They ask Business improvements to design specifically tailored programmes to help achieve their goals, and we have developed a process to make the training effective.

We will meet with you to determine what your real training needs are throughout the organisation. Following these discussions, Business Improvements creates an outline course agenda to match your requirements. We always take into account:

When you accept the outline we prepare for you, Business Improvements sets a mutually agreeable date to run the training programme, and goes on to design your course workbook. This will be given to the participants on the day. It enables each of them to have a record of the points they find valuable and to have it available for reference during their everyday duties.

When you combine tailored training with executive coaching for those managing the attendees, you will ensure that new ideas are put into practice. Your organisation doubly benefits because the manager will be able to coach the participants into putting theory into practice.

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One-day Workshops

Our one-day workshops are not open courses. They are developed from standard programmes that are 80% fixed, but which allow for a 20% change, so we can personalise the workshop to meet your organisation’s specific requirements. The workbooks we use are standard, and we can adjust the amount of time spent within each category. As an example, with time management, some companies might want a full two-hour session on delegating, while others might need only 15 minutes.

Most companies of 12 or more employees would benefit from these workshops. Our most popular workshops cover:

• time management
• disciplinary procedures
• appraisal and performance reviews
• telephone appointments
• customer service

Workshops are usually held on your premises.

We also run workshops in strategic alliance with other business advisors, such as with accountants for their clients on a specific subject, or with bodies like enterprise agencies.

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